Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My On-line Boutique

My passion for millinery and creating continued even stronger at a young age when I use to watch "The House of Eliott" with my mother! I was so inspired I even created an awful brown cloche! I am sure my mother still has it somewhere in a box!

Since then I had always wanted to create a well made cloche for myself. Recently the snow, the cold weather, and being stuck inside for days, allowed me to finally make my cloche!

Here it is:

I really enjoyed making the fabric flowers! And I love the colours!!

Recently I had been sketching all these amazing ideas. By luck I came into a wind-fall of amazing fabrics from a family friend. (Note to self- still have to make an adorable hat for his son!) I can not create as fast as I would like!

The by chance, I found an amazing source of 1920's cloche patterns! And here is what I have been creating:

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  1. Wow, you made some amazing hats there! I would totally wear all of them (but I'm afraid they won't fit me :) ).
    And I just love your blog... :o *needs to follow*