Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Men's Coats

This week I completed two projects for two various clients. Both projects were men's coats!

Project 1:

Combine a quilted coat with a shirt to realize a coat.

Fairly simple, just some minor adjustments, insert some single-welt pockets. Project completed!

Project 2:

Normal alteration- replace zipper on a wonderful quality woolen men's jacket. Because jacket was already finished, I stitched the inter-lining with hidden stitches. Project completed!

Both clients satisfied! I feel accomplished, that is always a nice feeling!


Mens Coats 1872 Fashion Plate

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A New Book!!

So my book arrived! And I love it!! Written by Tomoko Nakamichi, Pattern Magic 2- this book has amazing projects and wonderful illustrations!

"Playing with geometrics: Since I first began studying mathematics, I have always loved the circle. When you wrap these shapes around you, the excess fabric flares or drapes elegantly. I also tried incorporating artistic forms and details. Geometric figures can produce beautiful shapes. My aim is to rebuild patterns using a variety of methods." - Page 12 Pattern Magic 2

Flipping through it, all these thoughts of new projects are filling my mind and my sketchbook! I can not wait to begin working on it!!

I would love to incorporate the Circular Jabara on my next hat!!

I can not wait to begin on a project from my book!!